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Hog Hire FAQ

  1. Do you deliver the equipment? The answer is YES. This is included in the hire price.

  2. I have no experience cooking Hog Roast, Will you show me?  The answer is YES. Cooking the hog is super easy and anybody can do it.

  3. How do you cook the Hog? SIMPLE! place your hog inside the Hogmaster and turn on the gas.That is all you need to do

  4. How long does it take to cook a hog? We advise cooking a hog approximately 2 hours per 10kg of meat. So if you buy the pig say at 30kg then it would take 6 hours to cook the hog to absolute perfection.

  5. Can you source the Pig? Absolutely! We can provide everything including the bread rolls, stuffing and apple source. However, you can also source this yourself if you choose.

  6. Do you provide the Gas? YES, we recommend you buy the gas from us as we have the correct fittings and on-trade discount.

  7. What else can we cook? The beauty of the Hogmaster is you can cook pretty much anything! Throw some Spare ribs in, Brisket, Lamb, Whole Chickens, this machine will cook the lot perfectly every time.

Beer Cooler


£99 Per Day

The Perfect

Pint Everytime



Hire Charge's

Hog Master Hire (24hrs) Including Delivery & Setup £149.99 Inc vat

11kg Propane Gas Cylinder

£39.99 Inc vat 


Beer Cooler Hire Including Delivery & Setup

£99 Inc Vat

Comes with Gas (Free of Charge)

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